Sony Vegas Audio Problems



I have spent the past week searching the internet and have yet to find a solution to this exact problem, hoping someone here has had this problem or knows how to fix it.

The problem: Videos captured in H.264, AC3 file is MP4 imported to Sony Vegas pro 10a, the audio after about 45min. to 1 hour will start the audio from the beginning of the project again. So if I go to say 1 hour in half in, it has audio from 15min. The wave picture shows differently as if there is no problem. If I open the file to play in quicktime or media player, it’s plays from start to finish perfectly fine.

What I have tried: Other versions of Sony Vegas pro (8, 9), MANY different versions of quicktime, every codec I can get my hands on.

Temp. Solution: I have been taking the file and importing it to Windows Live Movie Maker, rendering it there, then using the audio from that with the video part. So basically this is taking twice as long.

I’m starting to pull my hair out!!


I don’t use Sony Vegas and its been years since I’ve even played around with it, so I’m not going to be much help.

Will Vegas accept the video and audio as separate streams? If so, you might try demuxing first. YAMB or My MP4Box GUIshould be able to demux for you.


Thanks, I will try that also. I was hoping to get away from that “extra” step and be able to do everything in vegas. I am going to try and record in m2ts format and see if it does the same thing.

It’s just frustrating, paying so much $ for vegas and then part of it doesn’t work. Then if you want tech support from Sony, you have to pay even more!! :a