Sony Vaio SZ Laptop and oem dvd drive?



Can I buy an oem dvd drive from newegg and fit it with sony vaio SZ series laptop? Or do I need a custom made one from sony?


as long as the drive is slim type it should fit fine , but if your current drive isnt dead then your better off buying an external burner or an external enclosure+burner , slim type burners are usally of lesser quality not to mention slower


Thanks bunny,

External drive is a good suggestion, but I am going to consider internal drive first because it is easier to carry around with me.

The fitability (is that even a word) is the problem. I am sure it is a 12.5mm drive, but I am not sure what the SZ is using. Any idea where I can find the info? Sony website does not help at all. I am thinking maybe the other owner of the same notebook will be able to help.

Also, there is another concern. The problem with the SZ series is that the faceplate on the drive is different from regular optical drive. It has a curvature of some sort. I know regular drive is all rectangular. That is why I am trying to ask around, if somebody has actually done this and if there oem drive would fit at all. I wouldn’t mind if the look would be weird a bit, but more concern towards how it would fit in the slot.


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You might go to some local shops and see if they have anything to fit it like you want and then order for cheaper online.

I’m sure i will run into this problem someday with my lappy. Be interesting what you find and how you like it if you would report back and let us know please.



If I decide to go that route, I will report my findings. Right now I am giving up and either order a new one (out of warranty, so it is going to be expensive) or sell it and get another notebook. Preferably a custom made instead of brand name, so that if this kind of things happen again, lets say 4 years from now when everything is out of warranty, I can maybe just go out and grab one and fit it in my laptop.