Sony Vaio DVD RW issues

Hello Jake Here, new to the forum in need of some help. I have a small production gig of mine. Well I got a job with my church. Yeah it pays nothing but they can recommend me.
Anyway I edited the video I created the menu, and the burner is not reading the cd correctly.
I tried just about everything. I defragged the hard drive. I uninstalled and reinstalled. I went and ran service.msc and set it to auto figuring it would then read it. But yet still nothing.
Anyone can help me here please? If not can you point me to a forum that can?

Why didnt you burn to a DVD? Much better output…

please only serious help please

Also a friend pointed out I might be missing my firmware? Anyone know where I can get it for a dw-d2 burner for a sony vvgc-rb40 vaio?

Video always looks better on DVD than CD. Have you tried?

[QUOTE=pfloyd1;2070013]Video always looks better on DVD than CD. Have you tried?[/QUOTE]

Sorry, that is not true.
Video-DVD can hold even VCD stuff. And Data DVD can have any content on it.


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Please you are to no help with me.

Can you please give us more information about what programs you used, what media you used, and the specific issues you have? “The burner is not reading the CD correctly” doesn’t give us much to go on, as it could be multiple things causing an issue. :flower:

The firmware is in the drive stored on a flash chip, and is never missing unless messed with [and you’d know if you tried to flash a new firmware or something]. It doesn’t just disappear, either, so no need to worry about that. :wink:

Also, I do believe your burner is a Sony DW-D22A? Can you check in Device Manager and confirm this? I think, from whatever program you’re using, the drive name is being truncated/cut off.

Yeah that is my dvd drive.
What more would you need. In my device manager it is saying I have a burner. It is running correct everywhere I go on the control panel. Just when you pop in a cd nothing happens. Usually you get a prompt to do something to a blank cd, but I get nothing.
I use an array of software to burn different applications I use the reg. windows to drag and drop files toburn software back up. I use windows media to rip and burn music and to make home movies I use either Premiere elements or CS3 premiere or encore.
What other info do you want? I tried sony support, but those guys are a work of art.
Last time my burner burnt something I made no change to my system and boom just quit.
Anything more?

Ah, I understand now. Is this with every CD you’ve tried?

If it is with every CD you’ve tried, try to find a bootable CD [not DVD] and attempt to boot from it. If you cannot boot from it, your drive has lost the ability to read CDs, which is quite possible and is an issue that plagues the drives of this series [drives based on the LiteOn SOHW-1633S/SOHW-1653S]. The only thing you could do is get a new drive.

Don’t say get a new drive :frowning: Money is an issue.
Wouldn’t it be savable if device manager can see it?
Right now I am at school so I can’t try anything right now.does it have to be a CD that has booting software. Or just a cd with something on it that can be read? because I have picture cds… I have software DVDs

A CD that has booting software, like a Windows installation CD, or a Linux installation CD, or the VAIO Recovery CD that it prompts you to make after setting up your computer.

Eureka it played the sony recovery disk it booted it booted… !! :bow:

No albert you can’t leave until you completed helping me…lol Come back soon

Can you open any data CDs in Windows Explorer and view the contents?

Can you play any audio CDs with Windows Media Player?

Are there any errors in any applications or in the Device Manager with the drive or anything else that could be related?

Is your issue with burning CDs? If so, what brand discs are you using?

Okay I had a guitar world cD with music and videos and nothing that time.
I am getting no errors other then I am not burning. I had a stack of staples DVD and then I got a stack of I think HP printer type discs…
for a bit I thought those disc would never work the print label ones. But a few months back I was cranking them out… Now nothing…

also yeah burning is the issue. I cant do data music or DVD

Did you make any major software changes to the system, like installing a DVD burning program or the like?

No… I had power ISO and my burner was throwing fits at the time so I got rid of it after it quit on me and never came back

The burner messed up so uninstalled power ISO and it never went back to normal