Sony Vaio Dvd Drive

Not sure where to post this, but here goes.

I have have a vaio laptop, and im not having much luck burning dvds, I have been using anydvd and clone dvd, but all the discs I produce have errors on then, (playback breaks up on part of the disc)

Now I am using Verbs, I have tried + and - and both produce poor burns, I have scanned the discs in Nero speed 4.51 and they look awful, ( not to sure what Im looking at ) but at the start of the scan I have peaks in the top and bottom window, then things settle down then about half way the peaks shoot up again, I have tried different speeds, no better,

Do all the software progs that write dvds write in the same way, I am thinking about using different software, any ideas? :confused:


Right I have just tried some Ridata 2x -Rw, which I would use in my Pioneer dvd recorder, burnt them at 2x, (took ages) but it plays perfectly, no break up of picture at all, Dont understand?

Do you think I should try the Verbs again and reduce write speed to maybe x4
Even though they are rated at 16x,

Its not a major issue I do all of my burning on pcs but it would be nice if I could use my laptop once in a while.

Thanks for ANY info :slight_smile:

Try the Verbs at 12x (then if that doesn’t help, try 8x - though usually I wouldn’t go lower than 12x). I don’t know what drive you have (or firmware), so that’s the best I can do.

Maybe someone else knows a solution based on the info you’ve given. :slight_smile:

Thanks for that, I think the max speed of the drive is x8, it`s a Sony D56A drive, latest firmware

Yep, apparently it’s an 8x drive…so looks like 8x is the speed to do them at, hopefully :bigsmile:

Other than that…try some other Verbs, but 8x rated :wink:

Maybe thats it, if I get some 8x Verbs I could also try them at 4x if I had a problem, thanks for advice :wink:

I have just found some old Verb 4x, packed in dvd jewel cases, movie reel ones, so not printable, will try one tomorrow

The Verb movie reel disc, no go, burnt about1/3rd then an error message poped up saying media error code 10 11 12 in Clone dvd.

I have just ordered a spindle of 100 TYs from SVP I hope these prove to the best dvds I have ever used, because at £40 a pop there not cheap