Sony unveils new high end Blu-ray player

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Sony Electronics announced a new high end Blu-ray player at CEDIA yesterday, the BDP-S5000ES. The new player will come packed with numerous features, including 7.1 channel surround sound, advanced HD…

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You gotta be sh!tt’n me! $2000.00 + dollars to play a MOVIE :Z. Wonder how many they’ll sell?. I know where they wont sell one:)

I love BluRay but I agree, give me a freaking break. No one wants or cares about high-end players, the point is to product high quality low end players. Sony must think these will sell in Dubai.

@Simonsays: you gotta get out more (or google more). There are high end CD/SACD player for $1000 and DVD player for $2000 or more. So this high end blu-ray player for $2000 is cheap! muahaha.

Anybody paying $1,000 for a SACD player or $2,000 for a DVD player shouldn’t be buying anything and their wallets should be confiscated and given to me :smiley:

ATN Sony:

We don’t want/need high end BluRay players. Drop the prices of your current stand alone players to $200/< and your format might just make it. For $2,000 you could pout together an entire low end HD home theater system including a 40’’ LCD. Get with it Sony or you will fail.

Is it region free? :bigsmile:

Right now, the only sony product I’d consider purchasing is their 400 disk upscaling dvd changer (DVPCX995V) which costs 500 CDN, unless some other company makes a similar product.

It’s business people, business.
The CE companies know that high end customers (aka early adapters, rich people) are not affected by current downward economy. So they are targeting these people by producing high end products.
The math is simple. Lets say the company makes 100,000 unit of high end player at $2,000 each, assuming all sold out totaling 200 million revenues.
If the company makes a low end budget player of $200 each, for the same setup they will need to produce 1 million players and get 1 million low end buyers and the company knows it’s a tough sell because these people are affected the hardest by current spiralling economy and increasing unemployment.

It may be business but it’s bad business. Even the rich are buying less these days and it Sony want’s BluRay to take off anytime soon they need to drop the prices like a brick. I still don;t see how rich people get/stay rich if they are stupid enough to buy over priced crap like this.

@BluBalls: go to AVS Forum and check “Denon 3800 Owners thread”. This Denon 3800 blu-ray player is >$2000 and that thread at AVS alone is 3,300 posts and counting. There’s plenty customers for high-end equipments, just not here in this forum.

@bell - Posts do not equal customers. It isn’t a poll as to who has a Denon- it’s a discussion topic. 3300 is irrelevant in your argument. Having said that, Denon caters to folks that think monster cables are the cats ass and will fork over 200 bucks for a set of O2 free copper. LOL Sony markets to a different crowd- one that will not part with those kind of bucks. For instance- post about this Sony deck in that same forum thread and listen to 33oo more posts about how Sony sucks compared to Denon. It’s all marketing and Sony is out of it’s element with a $2000 player.

I don’t see enough “features” to dictate a $2000 price tag. The market up on this unit must be like %500 at least. Come on, you have to be a total idiot to fork out that kind of money even if you are rich. It is wasteful at best and you need to be bitch slapped if you bought one.