Sony unveils new HDTV's & Blu-ray player with Google TV

Sony unveils new HDTV’s & Blu-ray player with Google TV.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Sony recently introduced several new high-definition TVs and a Blu-ray player using the new Google TV platform. Widgets and Web-connected HDTVs are the new craze in the home entertainment market, and Sony hopes consumers will be drawn in with the lure of using Google TV. 

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this is where we should be headed I think. It’s getting closer.

Perfection to me would be a TV that has everything already built into it. I stick a blu-ray disc in the side, or a flash drive to play h264/xvid files, or stream the content wirelessly from the internet. No need for any external components except sound system. The technology exists for a TV to be built with every codec preinstalled as well as every needed component. I wonder why we don’t see it yet?