Sony unveils new All-in-One touch PCs



Sony unveils new All-in-One touch PCs.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Sony has unveiled the new line of Vaio J Touch All-in-One PCs that will compete with the Apple iMac and other rival touch devices.

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I honestly have never been a big fan of Sony Vaio products, and won’t buy one of these somewhat neat looking products, but like seeing touchscreen used in even more products. Each generation seems to yield better products - and I expect this one to be no different.


I have known a few people who have purchased Vaio’s over the years. It seemed they were paying for the Sony name, weren’t that long lived, and did not compete with anything I made myself (Talking about Desktop PC, obviously). None of these friends ever purchased another one.


So … when your PC breaks down on the first day you get it … you have to deal with sony, until the warranty is void … actual useful lifetime … 5 minutes …

And you can’t just return one piece & say … this doesn’t work …

Same problem as all all-in-one PC’s, except that now Sony, and it’s pathetic customer support and progressively worse quality assurance, is behind it. These Sony all-in-one vaio’s are a bag of hurt for anyone buying them.

… stupid people that haven’t dealt with Sony previously :iagree:

It’s time for the marketting department to spin the wheel for todays product launch … today it’s leading edge technology (neglect to mention price) … today it’s environmentally friendly manufacturing materials … today it’s energy efficiency … today it’s … attractive price point … today it’s “Titans Will Clash!”.


All-in-one products, in general, are a bad idea. Add Sony to the mix and you have a recipe for the End of Days.