Sony unveils 7-layer writing using holographic discs

I just posted the article Sony unveils 7-layer writing using holographic discs.

Sony has successfully made a 7-layer holographic disc by reading and writing data using a “Micro-Reflector method”, where multi-layer recording is carried out using holographic…

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I kind of wish Sony would stay out of the optical storage arena. They are so anal about DRM and proprietary schemes. Look how messed up it is right now with blue laser tech. For instance, they just had to add another layer of DRM on top of another to the Blu-ray discs, with BD+. :c

Sony always takes an innovative idea, and turns it into garbage through DRM.

Don’t you mean Fox added an extra layer of DRM with BD+?? Considering Fox developed it, and is the only company known to be using it on their releases. Or is it just easier to blame Sony for everything?

Sony is the root(kit) of all evil :slight_smile: