Sony Unveils 4k2k Projector for Home Use




Sony Corp announced a home-use projector capable of projecting 4,096 x 2,160-pixel (4k2k) video Oct 3, 2011.

The projector, “VPL-VW1000ES,” will be released in late December 2011 at a price of Â¥1.68 million (approx US$21,909).

Commenting on the market release of the 4k2k projector, Shoji Nemoto, SVP of Sony’s Professional Solutions Group, said, “The shifts from SD video to HD video and from HD video to 4k2k video are inevitable. Sony’s first home-use 4k2k product will be the projector.” He is planning to sell the projector in the global market, considering the Olympic Games and the World Cup as business opportunities.