SONY TY G01 -R $5 10 pack w/jewel cases at Staples

Just picked up a box. Sony 10 pack DVD-R with jewel cases for $4.95. Tested out to be TY G01. These are under their “special buy” promo. Going back for more!

What is the speed rating of these -R disks and how good are TY G01 (my burner is an NEC 3500a with stock firmware)?

They are rated 4x but my NEC2500 will burn them at 8x with Herrie’s firmware. Nice burns too.

Not a bad deal for jewel cases, You can certainly get TYG01 for cheaper though. :wink:

Just picked up 2 packs today, made in Japan 4X, good deal but mine tested to be Sony04d1 (4X)
I was hoping for TYg01 since my 811s loves that media.
Burned 1 and it was ok, anyone else get sony media code with these?

If your 811 loves TYG01 then why not go straight to the source and order them in 100 packs from Not sure if the code is still good but try entering in: techbargains10 and you might be able to knock 10% off of the already more than reasonable price. Thereby making it $28.80 shipped for 100 TYG01 discs.

While those discs are prob pretty good they are not class A TY’s rather TY value discs (Class B). I rather pay a little more for the best quality.