Sony traces Napster users in New Zealand

I just posted the article Sony traces Napster users in New Zealand.

MS traces illegal Windows users…and Sony traces Napster users…

Several thousand New Zealand music fans have been traced and put on file for using the internet service Napster to download…

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They are lame!!!

With that list they can shut down Napstar. Because when they start suing Napster users, nobody will use Napster anymore out of fear. No more users = No more Napster. Would you like to pay 2000$ in a court of law for a song or a cd that costs 20$?

Vouterst, think for a second… You think anyone is gonna buy Sony products if they go after the users? of course not, thats why they are not goin after them. By the way, they did’nt shut it down with the metallica list…

a lot a good thats going to do it’s perfectly legal to donwload mp3’s in this country Golum NZ

But then again, in a country whose Reserve Bank has been unable to recover some NZ$400 million dollars, of missing obsolete coins(they have changed the basic unit sizes and shapes to prevent confusion with a country to the west where one fifth of the entire population has fled as permanent economic refugees to date!). I would say this is the least of the Kiwi’s current woes for them to worry about at this point in time, and have other more pressing dark economic rusting clouds on the horizon!