Sony & Tokyo Institute of Technology create new wireless chips



Sony & Tokyo Institute of Technology create new wireless chips.

[newsimage][/newsimage]A new wireless chip setup jointly designed by Sony and the Tokyo Institute of Technology could push the transfer speeds of wireless routers up by a significant amount in the coming years. The new design combines two chips to drastically improve wireless speeds.

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The problem with wireless is interference & attenuation - at that frequency, everything is impeding the signal - extremely limited signal.

That frequency is significantly higher than anything humans have ever used … mass scale…


To obtain these speeds they had them 1 micrometer apart in a radio noise isolation room deep underground.

If they can get anywhere near what I get with a 1Gbit ethernet connection I would be happy though. Especially for HD video content. I really hope we can get to a stage where we can ditch all the cabling except the power chord (and maybe even that someday).