Sony to unveil its first AVCHD 8cm DVD camcorder next week

I just posted the article Sony to unveil its first AVCHD 8cm DVD camcorder next week.


Blu-ray and HD DVD disc players have hit the US market already, not to mention PC Blu-ray writers, the one thing that remains besides HD recorders is the ability to shoot your own HD…

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Any Sony format destined to fail and die…

Bigger problem for me is the time… 20 lame minutes? Gonna record the kids xmas concert and swap discs 3 times? My current dv camera can hold up to 90 minutes at a time on one tape… Chalk up another victory for the marketing geniuses at Sony :+

“However, rather than wait until Blu-ray matures, they have decided to develop yet another high definition format specifically for use in its camcorders.” Yet another proprietary format from sony. How motherfvsking typical of them, anyone remembers memory stick sold at twice the price of compact flash of similar capacity, minidisc, umd, now this?

uh remember nintendo with it’s proprietary cartridges that only ran on it’s systems. How evil of a company where they to do that. Remember when they were $40+ to like they really cost that much to make. Also remember n64, gameboy, gameboy advance, atari, colecovision, neo-geo, sega genesis, sega saturn, sony playstation, ps2, xbox, dreamcast, sega cd, 3do, jaguar ect. Why couldn’t we all use floppy discs or regular unprotected cd’s??
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wouldn’t it better if they had chosen hdd rather than 8cm dvd drive?..perhaps, sony is afraid of hdd :wink:

HDD have been known to be to loud and can actually be heard by the mic that is why only JVC has used it. I am surprised though they didn’t use flash disc’s maybe it’s to much data per second or something but selling a camera with 2gig’s of data on it and then the option to expand vs selling a camera with 1.4gig disc’s would be kind of nice but memory disc’s are reusable thus they don’t make as much money in the long run.

Hope that one day they will use memory cards for that purposes. They could be smallers than optical/magnetic developments and now demonstrated that can hold more data than we expected… I think memory cards are better than digital tapes, magnetic HDD/cartridges or optical discs media…
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Yeah memory cards can be better in many ways, and i have alot of people who think chip will replace everything, but that will never happen, people wont spend $100 - $500 for a chip when they can get a cheap 50 cent disc with more storage. hard drive have about reached there storage limit and chips are MUCH less then in capasity then HDD. so i think if anything they will prefect optical media. the best thing would be a free write optical media with a large removable memory buffer for camcorders. that would solve the vibration issues. Free write basicly causes the drive to work like a ram drive, can burn over data not wasting space.
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This is so lame of Sony. It seems they feel Blue may be soon forgotten, so to boost interest towards the new Blu players they decided to use conventional technology (dvd) 1.4G and only replace the codec from Mpeg2 to AVC(mpeg4). From what I know AVC is supported by both HD camps. And what is also obvious to me, whoever will buy such camcorders now will waste their money. If BluRay doesnt become common, the cams will be obsolete 20 min junk- there will be nowhere to play the disks. Or if they win, then making 8 cm BluRays will be a matter of months so nobody will need them either. Any way around Sony needs a few guinea pigs to test the new tech - I mean why pay labs if you can make money on ppl. Cheers.:X

Betamax lost because of TIME (cassette length) not quality, this is deja vu all over again! You would think after having thier butts kicked on UMDs they would learn? But no - they go off into the wild blue yonder on some other stupid format … Circuit City, Best Buy et al will buy em then return em… SONY - 1) spend more time on Bravia TVs - they actually sell and are good 2) use a 8gb microdrive and stop the sillyness!

Sony DCR-SR100 Toshiba Gigashot R60, R30, V10 Those are HDD Camcorders made by companies other than JVC.

Betamax was a widespread format with an attachment from major studios and provided tons of different content. This AVCHD is ment for just sony camera’s and will have a very limited reach i don’t see how they can be compared 8 gig memory sticks are to expensive and as i said earlier mini hard drives are to loud and can be heard by the mic