Sony to stop DVD recorder production, Lite-On likely takes over

I just posted the article Sony to stop DVD recorder production, Lite-On likely takes over.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us that Sony will quit the production of DVD recorders, but will remain on the market with their brand name. The Japanese company came into the…

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“Under the price pressure, Sony has decided to halt its production of 8x DVD burners and models of higher speeds” “The participation by Taiwanese makers has resulted in price competition” Yeah baby, ppl said “japanese ppl is the best to make electronics”, etc. But frankly, since they lose WWII and was dominated by ‘american way of life’, ‘american way of doing business’, they suck. They suck in the sense of capitalism, their prices always sucks. Asia for the other side (an chinese ppl dictating - in the good sense - how could be the capitalist world for the next decades = excelent prices, lowest greedy, consumers happy buying products with really good prices, gov and capitalist managers always happy and rich because they have a VERY different philosopy of dirty America and his ‘son’ Japan = put a lowest price as possible on a product so everyone will buy it, everyone will have it, the industry have lowest - almost insignificant margins - BUT the most important = the money will NEVER stop to enter in his pockets = very low margind but with CONSTANT flux of money - little by little Asia could be more rich than America, the greedy one - the gov has his tax, the ppl has his jobs because will always needs their workship since the production will never slow) so Asia has a VERY different philosopy, low margins, ppl always buiyng, they’re always rich and happy. American an his ‘economic’ slayers (Japan, part of Europe, Latin America), his cocksuckers=the highest margins as possible (the American ‘way of make more and more and more and more money’. If they cal sell a candy for 1 million of dollars, why sell it for 1 dollar ? The greedy America that contaminated the world with his greedy. Japan act the SAME way. Lower the prices ? no way man. Knowing that attitude i’m not suprised in heard that rumors that without the Playstation Sony could be out of business and failed)… The philosofy of Asia is DIFFERENT because maybe of the religion of this ppl and resulting in ppl not so greedy, lowest margin as possible since u buy his goods (your ‘compromisse’). American way of business want highest margins as possible, want UR SWEET ASS, and fuck u if u don’t have the money, it’s ur problem… Oh yeah… Asia is lightining they way what the capitalism world could be in the next decades. If this will happend, it will be GOOD for the good of the world and the mankind. The American way of doing business is suckening the world. For example, ppl don’t like to pay a 50 dollars a game, 15 dollars a music cd, 20 dollars a dvd. All is prices dictated by the USA and the world has to follow it. But, imagine an economic market dictated by Asia. Imagine 5 dollars for a game, 2,5 dollars for a music cd and 3,5 dollars for a dvd. Maybe piracy could be stoped with this prices. Maybe it will be better for everybody instead of use p2p, buying individual songs with better compression and audio quality as low as 9 cents each, instead of USA ‘way of doing businnes highest margins as possible’ 99 cents… Long live to Asia and his ‘way of life’. The world needs that. I’m full of that American gredness. JR

Greedy would be all those pirates you find in Asian countries. LOL, that first part is funny though, you make it sound like Japan was a great maker of electronics BEFORE they lost WWII. Wasn’t a whole lot of electronics being turned out until after WWII, ok? As for the rest of your ignorant bashing…there’s apparently a good reason some countries are becoming Americanized. If China would, it workers wouldn’t be treated like they are. Seems the corporations there are just as greedy.

I guess if Japanese and American people did not mind living in such squalid conditions we could sell our products so cheap. Maybe you would like to live on a couple of dollars (or Euros) per week. Hell Even South American countries can’t keep up with the Chinese since their workers like to make 5 dollars a week. Remember for ever ultra cheap product you buy someone is getting mistreated and underpaid to make it ( and it might even be a child) jcsm2K3. Yes here is to the Asian way of greed. Sell your product cheaper and screw the poor workers in the sweatshops that way you still make a nice profit. it’s all greed!:r

STFU with 5 bucks/week in VN is enough to feed me.(quite a feast BTW) in Canada , 5 bucks babrely enough to feed me 1 day by junk food @ McDonald restaurant. so who is greed ?

This is v.interesting news (if true). Imagine someone like Sony outsourcing. Stranger things have happened…

I work at a retail computer shop, and if you go into the properties on any of the sony machines you will notice that most of them are actually using Pioneer drives. The models we have on the floor now are a couple months old now, so Im not sure if the next models will be lite-on, or if they plan on sticking with pioneer a05/a06 drives.

My dual format sony burner stopped working 2 weeks ago (not even a year owing it). Sony not only stopped making burners but exsisting drives went to shit as well.