Sony to start copy-protecting US CD releases from early 2005

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  Sony is  set to start copy-protecting its music CDs early next year following experiments  with an anti-copy technology by First 4 Internet.  They have successfully  used this technology...
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  1. It will be broken like every other utterly futile copy protection scheme ever invented (or that ever will be invented), thus making them waste millions of dollars yet again 2) I won’t be buying Sony garbage if it impacts audio quality (actually that’s kind of an oxymoron - “Sony” and “audio quality” in the same sentence).
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*yawns" Sony, what about your newly released Mp3 player and your minidisc players. They won’t be much good if people can’t copy their stuff onto them.

I buy absolutely nothing made from Sony anymore. This includes TVs, stereos, any computer equipment,headphones, etc… Their stuff always breaks…crap :r !

We’ve had these silly copy protected discs in Canada from the major labels for awhile now. I work in a cd/electronic store and I see it first hand when people purchase a cd, and then come back when it won’t play. I hear things like "I thought I would ‘Do the Right Thing’ & go ahead and buy _____ cd, but I guess I might as well have downloaded it since I can’t listen to this $15 POS’ When will the majors get it? ::

I dont getwhy anyone would purchase a CD that would prevent creating a personal archival copy. We already know the life of the physical media is much less than touted by the industry when they were selling CD as the product of the future. To me it makes no sense to buy a product from a company so cheap as to keep me from protecting my investment in their product. Why do people think they can’t live without this crap? Are they that easy to manipulate and sucker? I don’t get it.

Wasn’t there a news post a while back where Sony said they weren’t gonna do this sort of thing?..

I seem to remember Sony just recently stopped copy-protecting their cd’s in Japan. I thought they had learned then, but apparently not. Oh well… [double clicks the emule icon and downloads some sony music] :g

Well it is basically money that is speaking here. LIke eveyrone else in this game, they want you to buy a new copy if your copy gets lost or stolen or breaks. You no longer own any rights to anything you buy anymore, so they might as well change it from “Buy yoru music from us” to rent your music or movies or wahtever from us on media tha twill fail as soon as you try to use it. It’s BS and good old American companies are forcing this crap on the rest of the world cause they are too lazy to grow. I guess if you can’t grow, learn to enslave your audience with propritary tech, and hope they are stupid enough to not learn. Bush won, so I guess we know how smart those Americans idiots are. I wonder how long it will be before the no comercial skipping law WILL pass. Glad I live in Canada, the TRUE home of the FREE!

All i can see happening from this is an increase in illegal downloads. These guys are just so dumb…they should have got it by now. If you cant do what you want with it, why would you buy it ??? I assume they would have to display a “protection” warning on the case so that would turn people off straight away. I have an MP3 jukebox as well as an IPOD and an in car MP3 player. Do you think i would be buying a CD that stops me from using it on all my machines…not a chance. Big mistake Sony…big mistake !
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I don’t think music companies really get it all. Somehow someway someone will figure out how to copy it. If worse came to worse and they actually made some infallable protection (which i don’t believe is possible with the cd format), they one person can try and make a really good sounding copy through an analog cable. all it takes is 1 copy and its all over the internet. Is personal cd copying really the most common form of cd pirating? I would have thought it was mp3 downloads.

Well seeing as How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb by U2 was available on the Internet around a month before its release date. It doesnt appear to work anyway.

I never buy CDs in the shops, I will use iTunes or MSN Music to download it, then burn ‘n’ rip the iTunes/MSN version getting a nice clean mp3 :slight_smile:

The pre-release was never cracked because I could never get a copy, if they’re so sure it’s 100% robust then why didn’t they give out samples? Also from the questions I read from idiots on this forum who had the lame cds, they did NOT work on DVD players which is not 100% compatible and is nothing more than an illegle TOC.

U2’s ‘How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb’? More like U2’s ‘How To Dismantle Microsoft Digital Rights Management’ as i read on one site!

bcn_246, sure you’ll get a nice clean rip from online music stores… at nice clean below CD quality levels. You’re buying music that’s already below CD quality and heavily encoded. Then you’re re-encoding the file again. Resulting in even more quality loss. Not exactly the option most of us want to go.

Here we go again. I like to make back-ups of my cd’s. I wish I could have made back-ups of my vinyl records. :g

FreqNasty - too right, i use to swear by Sony TV’s until after 1 year all my stuff broke. I’ll never buy sony again, they are a cheap brand that has a big name!

Don’t forget, a big name with big prices.:wink:

Two things: 1) This won’t last. 2) If it did work, I would not buy it. Any CD I buy I immediately dump into MP3 format for convenience’s sake. Hell, I even bought a Sony MP3 player that came bundled with Sony’s ADTRAC3 compression format. It seems they’d kill that technology with this new one.