Sony to ship new PSX all-in-one game console for US$ 750

I just posted the article Sony to ship new PSX all-in-one game console for US$ 750.

A while back we already
reported about
Sony’s upcoming PSX all-in-one game console (featuring a PS2 game player with a
built-in satellite TV tuner, a DVD recorder and a hard disk…

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What no gigabit ethernet card? Maybe I wanna send my tv programs over to my PC to edit them…

Or perhaps get a video capture card and record it directly to your PC. Plus it won’t cost you 750. (Why doesn’t dollar sign work. :expressionless: )
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(Why doesn’t dollar sign work. :expressionless: )
It’s a bug, sorry about that. The dollar-sign is delete when it’s followed by a number or a letter. When you add a dollar sign followed by a space it does work. $ $ $ see :wink:

$ 750? hope that comes with the glass display case, too

Why don’t they stop beating around the bush and develope what they will eventually get to…a sony computer with a playstation emulator…:X