Sony to sell PC division, spin off TV business, lay off thousands

Sony to sell PC division, spin off TV business, lay off thousands

February 6, 2014, 4:58 p.m.

Sony Corp., a struggling electronics maker trying to regain its once stalwart status, is undertaking a major restructuring that includes the sale of its PC division, a spinoff of its TV business and layoffs of thousands of employees

I hope the name Sony becomes a name of the past after the way they have treated there customers. I never by sony

I used to be a Sony fan. Some decades ago. First disappointment was with my then HI-FI, then the first wireless headphones, some years later with a notebook.
Nevertheless, when I was to by a new additional TV set I opted for a high end Sony. Love it. Got tired of iPhones and bought an Android device, which is a Sony Xperia T James Bond edition. Enjoy it.
So, in my case it is like a marriage, love it and hate it.

In the 1990s/early2000s I bought a lot Sony ES hi-fi gear and their CRT TVs. Then most of their stuff became mediocre at best, IMO. They let the bean counters and DRM enthusiasts take over and it has been downhill for them ever since. Nowadays when I am making an electronics purchase I never even consider the Sony brand.

Their propensity for trying to control every aspect of their customer’s use of Sony equipment and media turned me against this company a long time ago. And like many others, I haven’t forgotten their rootkit campaign, nor their attack on RipIt4Me.

I have rarely bought Sony equipment, and never consider them these days.

Ditto to what others have already posted.

The reason I tried more Sony products & that is still from a long time back was the Trinitron color TV they made in the early 80’s . Probably the best TV at the time.
The Sony VCR I bought was a peice of junk . The boom box was OK.

I don’t remember buying any Sony electronics since 2000 .
I’m sure some commercial movie DVDs & music CDs I have are Sony .
If we what what’s on them we’re kind of stuck with that.

The only Sony equipment I still have is Car Audio.

I actually had to pay $10 to get rid of my 36" Sony CRT TV over the summer

and though a Sony was in the final three of the 40" TV’s I had narrowed my selection down to it was a 42" LG that came home with me.

The LG does what I need it to do and most of what I want it to do
(the Sony also only had two HDMI inputs) was $40 cheaper than the
Sony, was considerable brighter and 2" bigger.

Technological progress is rapid and the “new” LG models were several months ahead of new Sony models…

And the constant threats of Sony “leaving the business” makes buyers hesitant to buy their products

3 pieces with the Sony logo here:
PS1,PS3 and PS4…never really considered anything else from them…:disagree:

[QUOTE=roadworker;2719907]3 pieces with the Sony logo here:
PS1,PS3 and PS4…never really considered anything else from them…:disagree:[/QUOTE]

I must retract my own statement…forgot about my CDP-997 cdplayer from the early nineties…:o
But that was all,really!!!:iagree:

I have bought SOME of their products over the years because every so often they come up with something unique that works better then it should for the money but overall I hate their business practices and attitude, plus like said most of their current TV’s are just mediocre at best when they used to sell some cutting edge high end TV’s.
They still have a few that are excellent but most of their regular TV’s are just MEH with a high price tag because of their name, like a lot of their products are now.
I got a Sony 42EX440 LED/LCD set for Xmas last year and was pleasantly surprised to find out it actually looks excellent for the money my family paid to get it for us, I have a excellent Sony HD radio tuner, one of the best sounding ever made, and I have a old second generation 676 VHS HI FI VCR that they made that had every bell and whistle a VCR from 1990 could have except for SVHS and it worked very well for years, and then just needed a good cleaning and lube to work some more, so like I said if they make something worthy I’ll try it but most I wont touch.