Sony to replace 18,000 damaged DVD+RW (DPW47L1) discs

I just posted the article Sony to replace 18,000 damaged DVD+RW (DPW47L1) discs.

Customers of the Sony DRU-500AX and/or
DRX-500ULX DVD recorders might have received damaged DVD+RW discs with their
recorder. The discs included in the packages of these drives contain a memory…

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:slight_smile: excelent now where in the UK do i contact Sony to get one of these discs?

Call 08705 111999

Has anyone tried to get a replacement yet? I’m just hoping they’re doing a no questions asked policy, so that I could get a replacement before the one that came with my drive gets trashed out.

How does one go about getting this replacement in the States? Will Sony ship them out automatically? Thanks. :slight_smile: link to sony information

:(:(:frowning: Just tried and they say the wont replace as i have had the disk for 2 months and never reported till now. Also apparently the batch my disk is in isn’t in the batch with the fault. Even though when you look at the underside you can see loads of areas that havn’t been written to due to some kind of defect in the disc. So much for their lifetime limited warranty that states " Sony Electronics Inc. ------ warrants this product(“Product”) against defects in material or workmanship for its normal life. Apparently 2 months is outside this lifetime because the product is a “consumable” :(:(:frowning: