Sony to re-enable bitsetting for DRU-700A?

It looks like Sony will have Lite-On to enable bitsetting again at least for DVD+R DL, see here:

[i]"Sony on Tuesday acknowledged compatibility issues with its double-layer drives. Robert DeMoulin, marketing manager for Sony’s branded optical storage products, said the company complied properly with the specifications for DVD +R double-layer drives. The problem, he said, stems from the fact that some DVD players do not recognize the disc identification code for double-layer +R discs. The problem seems to affect portable DVD players in particular, DeMoulin said.

A tool to address this problem should be available soon, DeMoulin said. It would essentially alter the disc ID on double-layer burned DVDs to make them appear as recognizable discs, he said."[/i]

LOL, stupid Sony :bigsmile: