Sony to prosecute companies who import or sell PS3 to EU

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 Following  Sony's success in winning a court battle against Lik-Sang who was  involved in selling Japanese PSPs to EU customers, Sony now  wants to make it clear that it...
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But then again, it’s not as if they really supported, their mostly questionable and defective products worldwide anyway(rootkit affair showed that settlement is restricted to this date, for only US residents and as for the others, throughout the world, we don’t care one hoot!) and then normally treat all buyers as suckers! And getting anything repaired under warranty, can be a real nightmare! If you read the warranty fine print, it merely supports the absolute minimum as required by the local country consumer laws at point of sale and nothing more!) With a company, that doesn’t put place “country of manufacture” on the carton exterior (unlike it’s fellow worldwide competitors), you can’t expect much else! Oh well, you pays your money, and throw it down the drain, with most SONY products sold to the public! Another good reason why anything SONY, will not grace my christmas or any other shopping list!:X

Here we go again: Sony is the root of all evil in the world, etc, etc. Yawn. :r

I really hope Sony goes down.

When I read this I can puke!!! Sony can try to stick their finger in their a**, very very deep. Their new machines are going to be sold on ebay very soon and they can not do anything about that… “hunt down even private people”… Wait a minute is the PS3 some kind of drug?!? Possesing a PS3 and selling it to someone is a crime. OK NOW WE KNOW!!! They can only scare people but that’s about it. :r

Lik-Sang is dead because of sony, as the amount of lawsuits they just couldnt afford it. Trust me the arrogance reminds me of the Sega/Nintendo days when those companies pushed their weight around. But look how they fell, the bigger they are the harder they fall, i think sony may well be in for a shock.

If that’s what Sony truly believes, then they should also stop their own importing of electronic components from China. Massively importing PS3 components from all over the world is okay, but importing games is not? Hmmm…

To know that a lot of people will still buy a PS3 spending a lot of money and also risking legal, regional block and warranty issues. It’s really sad how WE let Sony be so arrogant with their console.

After reflecting to the nasty rookit/DRM, expensive BDs, delayed PS3, millions of notebook batteries recalls, and now what??!!? lawsuits/threats (Lik-Sang had to be the scape goat unfortunately) :r :r :r buckle up Sony & go clean your own mess first.

somehow, sony isn’t graceful to cutomers who buy sony’s products, and sony seems to believe that it is cutomers who should be thankful to sony for developing ps3. sony’s metality is simply crazy, and those who support sony even after these seem like even crazier

I’m not a big fan of Sony as a corporation (but all corps. are assholes anyway), but I can understand why they don’t want to sell it in Europe. If some kid gets himself killed because of the voltage differences, Sony will be sued, because someone is importing their product. When it comes to certifications, the laws are strict. Obviously, there is also the marketing issue. Sony want to get in Europe with a bang and make max $, but it doesn’t change the fact that this time they’re right.

They can easily make an adapto that will work on any voltage: 100–240 V. My iRiver H140 has an adaptor made for 100–240 V & 50/60 Hz. They can’t use voltage as the only excuse here… :frowning:

I read all these anti Sony comment with amusement, MS has done a lot worse also Apple years ago. I don’t have a problem with Sony and will still buy there goods, in fact ordered I just a 40" KDL40V2000U Bravia LCD TV.

i want 10 ps3 from ebay…to resell here in europe… eheheh.

The only reason for this word-rubbish Sony’s calling a press-release is that they don’t want to lose money. Anyone ever compared the prices for PS3 in Japan, US and Europe? European customers shall pay prizes that are ridicilously higher than what US or japanese customers shall pay. And Sony probably justifies this with the strict safety rules in europe (LOLROF). As if they’d care for their customers safety - the only thing Sony cares for is their customers briefcase!

Right. The same price the US gets in dollars, around 500–600 USD, Europe gets in Euros! 600 EUR = around 763.66 USD, so I wouldn’t be surprised if people are going to find a way around the import laws. All the PS3 models are the same except for the regional-lockout (if any). The analogue outputs may output only NTSC on the Japanese & US models, but you can get around that with a converter anyway.