Sony to offer music downloads in U.K

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Sony Music will start selling online music downloads in the United Kingdom in cooperation with OD2 that has partnered with several music website. Sony Music is amongst the last…

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What’s the betting that they offer the songs at 99p a song? I bet you my mothers old knickers they do. Everytime something in the US is translated across to the same numerical value and not the actual currency value. We are always being ripped off in this manner. What’s the betting also that the audio will have various restritcions put upon them and the highest bitrate will be 128k. I’ll stick with my 320k, MPC & OGG braindead and Lossless APE and FLAC thanks. Plus it’s all free!!! :wink: 99 US Cents = 59.17867 UK Pence 99 UK Pence = 1.65667 US Cents At time of writing this message. So when they do a numerical translation you can see how much we get ripped off by. Whether they include VAT or not in the amount also is another matter to be considered.
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Don’t pay more than 49p per track for new material, and back catalogue stuff should be about 29p per song…that includes VAT! Those are fair prices since there’s no CD case, printing labels creating stuff from Sonys point of view. Also being MP3 or whatever format and thereby compressed the quality is lower…so you are,as they say “getting what you pay for”. If this service comes in at a higher price…boycott it and stick with the likes of Kazaa…

The thing is we are not waiting for yet another service that is available in just one country and is confined to a few labels. :frowning: We need a global service that offers all music at reasonable prices. As far as I can see it Allofmp3 and Weblisten are the services that come close to this profile. I personally like because of its low prices, high speed and unique online encoding system that gives you the opportunity to choose the format and bitrate you like best. Even Lame alt-preset-standard encoded mp3s can be downloaded. :):slight_smile: There is a basic comparison of all major legal music services available at

The reason it is not offered worldwide? Because the music indusctry rips off individual countries they know they can eget away with overpricing their product to. If they went global they would have to price the same all over or people would wonder why they get charged more than another country for basically something that costs the same to manufacture and supply. At present a lot of people who buy CD’s etc are unaware of the price fixing in their relative countries (It’s changing a little but not enough. More people need to be made aware of this).