Sony to make 10 million Blu-ray disks a month

I just posted the article Sony to make 10 million Blu-ray disks a month.

D4rk0n3 used our news submit to tell us about this story he spotted over at The
Inquirer, that indicates Sony is figuring on putting out a lot of Blu-ray
discs! First in Japan, then they will…

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Save the Environment…Close Sony Down.:wink:

10 million discs + 10 million rootkits

True :r I don’t understand this…suposedly with DRM in BD-R, piracy will stumble(:+) so why is the the need for such a large quantities?:+

As it’s stated for PS3 games. Madden 2006 sold a million alone on it’s release day. Then they have the Movie Market. Then this might include burnable Blu Ray disc’s so there is that market as well.

Well, as long as there are folks buying all this stuff, I guess it’s ok. But I won’t be one of them in any hurry. javascript:smilie(’:r’) :r

So Sony is going to make 10 million more pieces of crap a month. Because so far that is what the BluRay movies are.

lol, you obviously haven’t seen real filmed in High Def bluray movies. The only thing better is the Master reel.

It’s unfortunate that nearly all of them will be WRITE-ONCE media WITHOUT cartridges. And VERY SLOW.

Hmm, oh how I do love pie in the sky figures, of what will be needed if all goes according to plan! Sadly there is too much missing information, what if’s, but’s and maybe’s for these levels of production, to reach actual reality! If truth be told, they would need the combined production from the very cheap Hong Kong and Indian plants to come close to the claimed figures! Oh well, nice propaganda, be the polite description , for this misinformation!:r

You’d lead Sony to go to Hong Kong just to produce 10 million WRITE-ONCE optical media? Would such a number justify the soaring cost of shipping, etc.? Taiwanese optical media manufacturers think in terms of billions, not millions. 10 million to them is nothing, just nothing. It’s difficult to make US$0.1 out of each disk sold to OEM or distributors. Consider the cost of R&D and marketing as well. Let Ritek, CMC, and some more announce their own plans.

Like the House of flying artifacts on BluRay? Until Sony uses VC-1 like HD DVD it will be far inferior to HD DVD.

Extra, extra! B110 to buy 0 of them per year :*