Sony to launch world's fastest TVs

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Before flat panel televisions took off, manufacturers tried many ways to improve their CRT sets such as making the screen flat, adding extra AV inputs, providing support for both PAL & NTSC and…

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From the prices listed, it seems like Sony is attempting to empty your bank account the “fastest”.

sony are down on profits 63% maybe with these prices they can claw it back lol

40" = $3,399
46" = $4,099
52" = $5,099

Yes, great timing too. Their prices will be well-received in these tough financial times. Bravo, Sony.

the 65" Mitsubishi Laservue is at U$6999 at the moment and expecting to see smaller and cheaper Laser-TVs in the future I would never spend 5099 for a 52" 200Hz TV

If I were to lay down that amount of dough for a TV, it sure as hell wouldn’t be a Sony TV. It would be a Pioneer Kuro.

“it would be a Pioneer Kuro.”

Exactly !!!