Sony to launch 1080i High Definition HDD & DVD camcorders

I just posted the article Sony to launch 1080i High Definition HDD & DVD camcorders.

 Sony  plans to launch two new high definition camcorders in the near future, one of  which will use 8cm  single/double layer DVD+R media                         and the other which will use a...
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Interesting, your last § I asked several times about these “features” (as there was no clue) and got comments like "that’s just for commercial stuff. Now here comes HDMI, lets hope it is just to facilitate video+audio signal through one “wire”, as anti-piracy it is a “normal” Sony thing…but can we expect it will not mean HDCP?

why would it include HDCP? It’s not like you are going to pirate your own home movies are you? Your also going to have to store it on your pc which lets say you are forced to have HDCP whats the point as once it’s on the pc you can do whatever you want with it. If your not allowed to edit/copy/compress the video then there is no point.

Does anyone know if it will also be able to shoot in 720P?

I guess this shoots the theory that you can’t use HDD’s in a camcorder because they’re too loud and could get picked up by the mike in the foot, huh?:B

Still only Sony…

“Still only Sony…” they gave us Beta, dont forget about that. (I cant believe my last post was in 2002–was the military THAT much fun?) :slight_smile:

What does it have to do with Betamax?

30GB!?!?! :c That’s completely lame! :r Yeah it will need a small 2.5inch light drive. But they could easily and cheaply stick a 100GB drive in it and treble the recording time. Guess they have old stock of hard drives they want to clear! :frowning: