Sony to focus on Blu-ray let LiteOn produce their DVD drives

I just posted the article Sony to focus on Blu-ray let LiteOn produce their DVD drives.

 H3rB3i used our news submit to tell us this news from over at DigiTimes this morning. It  looks like LiteOn is going to produce some more drives for Sony. The reason is  exciting (for Sony...
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I reckon it’ll take some time before the HD formats become common place, because the average Joe simply isn’t going to want to upgrade, not unless the price is right so to speak, and will the price be right? Like f@@k it will…and where’s the HD-TVs and broadcasts to go with the kit? Can’t get them in the UK yet as far as I know…maybe soon though. I’d be interested to see a comparison but I’ll be quite happy to plod along with DVD for some time yet.

I am pissed off of upgrading i must be honest.

Well HD is a bit down the road I’ll give you that. But, I am about to pull the trigger on a plasma set and just called DirecTV to get their *sses over to my house and put in a dish. In the US there is quite a bit of HD right now, next year DirecTV is putting up a couple more “birds” :stuck_out_tongue: and I think there will be HD channels out the yin yang. They will eventually put up four satellites and have 1000 channels but of course not all HD. I damn sure want to be able to record high def programming and to do it i need a recorder and a disc to put it on. I wish they would hurry the hell up I am ready to leave this dual layer nonsense behind!!! :d It’s an expensive joke and they are wasting time on it, unless they can produce a decent media at a cost effective price. phhhtthhh!
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to be honest…i dont give a crap about which one’s gonna be the startard format. i just want those to be cheap

A the speedy pace DVD computer drives and disc prices came down the road something strange seems to be cooking. Will it be HD? In Europe, broadcasting is more or less on hol in several countries and at global level the target dates will be passed over. On camera side JVC and Sony are coming in with devices for the consumer (or as some say prosumer models, meaning the ones the consumer have to pay very well…). In the middle, a mistery…what about the studios and fil distributors? Are they going to adopt a format…or will have a new duel? And at what pace are they going to distribute the new or ceasse to sell the DVDs we know now? And the prices? We have here an interesting mix and depending on the outcome will we se a new…here we go again! Upgrading (changing equipment and spending money). By the way, I watched HD on a big screen and from a very(very x times) projector…and I would like to have it …its a shame there is a high price to pay, and we have to make choices (maybe not this one for some time…)+

If anyone wants to record high def then just buy a dvd recorder with a built in hard drive. You can save it to the hard drive. It’s a good alternative until the appropriate optical recording disc comes along.

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Yeah but it didn’t work. Although i suspect a tender massage from you might.