Sony to disConnect its music and video service

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Two reports, one on Engadget and the other on BetaNews, highlight Sony’s decision last Friday to close its Connect music and video service.The operation had been struggling for some time, not least…

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Sounds like like SONY INC. , as we know it is being readied for major slicing and dicing so one could speculate that both SONY MUSIC and the equally poorly performing SONY Movie division may be the next items on Howard’s hit list of items to be jettisoned in order to keep central afloat in it’s current sea of red ink of trading losses for most of this new century!(Time Warner ? , if one may hazard a guess?) But then again , who really cares anyway for that one cent in the dollar organization anyway!

I am very disappointed in Sony, they used to be such a great company and had great ideas. If they would only give the customer what they want and the features and formats they want. I am a really big fan of the minidisc, and its a great format, but the cost and lack of audio formats is its problem. it was superior in many ways, Small, versatile in editing, and with the new 1 Gb solved its lack of PCM problem, and it is more durable then any other erasable format. i have never had any MD machine EVER glitch. Cd’s DVD they all glitch at times. MD is what the cd should have been in the beginning, without the DRM and the earlier small storage issue. i wish Sony would get there acts together and become the great company they once were. :c