Sony to debut 20 Blu-ray movies during March to April

I just posted the article Sony to debut 20 Blu-ray movies during March to April.

 D4rk0n3 used our news submit to tell us about yet another article from DigiTimes.            This  one refers to some snazzy high definition coming from Sony! Oddly, there is no  player to put...
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That’s an HDCP television, not HDMI. You can have a television with HDMI that isn’t HDCP-compliant. That said, with content that’s undeliverable for hardware that’s unpurchaseable by companies whose DRM schemes are well-known, draconian, and intended to punish only honest people, I’m sure we’ll see people flock to this in droves. (and yes, that WAS sarcasm)

What rootkit type DRM will Sony be using on these turkeys?

I can see your going to be the first person in here (well since your the lonewolf i am sure you have no where else to be anyhow) when blu-ray first announces it’s numbers be it 10,000 units or a 100,000 units sold and scream it failed because it didn’t sell 10 million or something. If they wanted to sell it by the droves they wouldn’t set the price at 1,000 bucks. They arn’t expecting every joe schmoe to go out there and buy it asap but i have said this a million times and everyone just seems to ignore it and think out of there a$$

HD and Blu-Ray boycott

To quote Metallica “Die…Die…Die my darling” I hope BR and HD die, so we can all laugh at the MPAA’s failed efforts to control how we watch.

They can take this crap, and shove where the sun don’t shine!

I really hope Sony, with PS3 and BR, is digging his grave along with all his partners and the studios. :d