Sony to close Playstation store

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Sony announced it will close its only PlayStation Store, currently located in downtown San Francisco at the popular Metreon complex. Although there are Sony Style stores across the country, San…

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We have got to get this economy turned around. I wont even gloat over this closure of a PS3 shop, because all it means is more people are out of a job and another empty storefront. It is a self feeding doomsday scenario lately, where loss of sales leads to loss of jobs which leads to loss of sales. Unless someone can come up with “the new big thing” like the Dot-com boom or whatever, I am afraid things are going to get worse yet. Man this sucks! :frowning:

There are quite a few companies making huge profits despite the crisis, Crabby.

Nestle in Switzerland just announced 18 billions benefits for 2008 and plans on hiring more people. It’s also one of the most respected companies in the country.

I think it’s pretty obvious some companies are in the shit and some others are fine. Actually, I’d say there are possibly more companies making a profit than losing money, but medias are showing mostly the bad.

All the companies who exploited people and played with the system are getting hammered by the crisis while those who played fair within the rules are somewhat actually increasing their benefits?

Should we be seeing a pattern here?

The entire system is crashing down on the cheaters and abusers…it’s hard on the jobs, but I think on the long term it will be the biggest lesson to them in the last 50 years.

I’m glad Ramza- here in the US it is a damn MESS!
2007- no banks fail.
2008 25 banks fail
2009 Jan Feb - 18 banks fail!

People are losing jobs at the rate of over 500,000 per week so far this year. I just am glad no one in my family is affected.

My company is doing great. Some companies here, like toothpaste, toilet paper, plant seed businesses are doing great or even better than normal. But not nearly enough to keep people from losing everything they have.
In California a man is serving 25 to life for prying open a church door for food as this was his third offense. meanwhile, Madoff who devestated thousands of lives stealing 50 billion in savings, enjoys “house arrest” in a 7 million dollar penthouse in New York. I sucks…

I bought a Laptop at this store :wink: