Sony to bundle music, movies on MicroVault USB drives



I just posted the article Sony to bundle music, movies on MicroVault USB drives.

Sony introduced a new line of MicroVault Click USB flash drives that will ship with either a pre-loaded movie or music album.
Michael Jackson fans can now purchase the 25th Anniversary edition of…

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Who’s going to be the guinea pig on this one! :bigsmile:


I have been doing this with all my backups latly and working on the rest of my DVD’s too. I think this holds more promise than Blu-Ray far as price goes.


I think I’m curious enough to give it a shot.


Free Rootkit included. Yeah, thanks Sony, not!


I am sure there will be no root kit in this but extreme DRM is another story. I still think this is the future.


ok… I got one…by accident. I was looking for a 4 gig USB stick and one cost $14.99…so I got it! Then I noticed that it had a movie on it!
Yep, the original “Men In Black” movie.

Size: 875mb
Format: .mev (what the ?#$%^ is this???)
–Files on the Drive:
Men in Black.exe
–Folders on the Drive:
Videos and Player (inside Video folder).
Inside Video folder- “last.txt” “Men in Black.mev” and “Player” folder.
Inside the Player folder:
config.bin, MoDv.dta, MODV.ini, winopen.exe.

I was looking to copy the files over to my hard drive and play them
from there. All the files seem to copy fine - except for “MODV.ini” file. Changed file properties, used a program called “Teracopy” and
was able to copy it over…Went to play the movie and I get an error…
“cannot open MoDv.dta file”… and the movie will not play (from the
Hard Drive)…but will play from the flash drive.

So when you play the movie it “seems” to be good quality sound and
picture (not HD), but what is this format “mev”? Has anyone heard of
this? My guess…another version of Sony DRM of sorts…
I would like to get it to work from my hard drive…just for fun!


Can someone help me please. I bought one of these preloaded flash drives but the autorun.inf appears to be missing, could someone tell me what I need to do in order to play the file on the drive. None of my players even recognise the .mev format, and when you do a search on it your get all sorts of reponses that are no help at all.


Welcome to CD Freaks :wink:

Could you check if there are any executable files on the flash drive? Their .mev format is proprietary which will only play with the player software on the flash drive itself.

In case the files are just hidden, when you go into the flash drive, go into the “Tools” menu and then into the “View” tab. Tick the options “Show hidden files and folders” and remove the tick from “Hide protected system files” and accept the warning.

Another thing worth noting is that Microsoft has disabled AutoPlay in Windows 7 and in an August update for XP & Vista (some info here), so if you are running Windows 7 or have installed this update, the AutoPlay functionality will not work. In this case, you will need to try finding the executable file on the pen drive. It’s most likely the name of the movie as the user above has noticed on their pen drive.


Thanks for your response . in answer to your question, the only .exe file on the drive was winopen which took me to a website telling me to write an autorun file. It doesn’t even tell you what codecs are needed for .mev.