Sony to announce experimental 8 layer 200 GB Blu-ray discs

I just posted the article Sony to announce experimental 8 layer 200 GB Blu-ray discs.

 Whilst we  wait for dual layer media to tumble in price, we can satisfy our craving by  contemplating this news release from PC World. According to this article,                              ...
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Alright! Give MMI some competition! Looks like no matter who wins the format wars, we win. Hopefully WE will be able to write to the discs instead of just buying them and dreaming about burning our own.

Woot! 24 DVD Movies & special features or 10 HiDef Movies :slight_smile:

7 layers for copy protection and 1 for data

MMI’s is much better… first the already have it… second it is on one layer… what do you think would happen if the have more layers… and third it is 201GB and not 200GB and I think that the probably could even burn more then 201GB in one layer because they have much lower Pit and Pitch Values then the other 201GB format which will come out someone but not known yet… and the only need a 1/10 th of a second to burn the whole 201GB disc… and the then also have master quality… I don’t think that if MMI’s devices (and if they wouldn’t be too expensive) would have any competition… of course … who knows how long it would take until data is in the machine for burning… well… but I think that also this 8layer BlueRay would take long to be loaded into it… I mean we are speaking of 200GBs and hard drives are not so fast…

@sorti - LOOOL :+

Wow, 200gig on 1 disc is awesome but the more layers you have, the easier is to lost the data on the higher layers. Don’t forget scratches can mulitply their damage the deeper you go into the layer. But I’m still an eager customer to buy this up.