Sony throws in the towel and will support MP3 on some players

I just posted the article Sony throws in the towel and will support MP3 on some players.

Apparently hell hath frozen over. Sony is beginning to
realise that Atrac is not catching on the way they would like, so they have decided to embrace the MP3 format. This will definately help…

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Some companies really need ages to get to common sense …

It’s hard to believe that they thought if they ingnored it (MP3) they could change the world and it would go away.

Sony invented the commercially available portable tape player… then they invented the first commercially available portable CD player… But when it came time to invent a portably MP3 player, they purposely choose not to… Looks like they lost the portable market forever between the iPod, the PocketPC (the Sony Clie is overpriced and Palm is so ghetto) and now the upcoming Microsoft Portable Media Player. tsk tsk, so sad for Sony.

Well. MP3 wasn’t “theirs”, I guess that’s why. Look at the whole blu-ray thing, they so badly want to “own” a successfull format…

Sony is a company that always pushes it’s own proprietary garbage (memory stick, Altac, etc.). That’s fine with me, Sony stuff is usually way overpriced for what you get anyway.