Sony tests Linux on PlayStation 2

I just posted the article Sony tests Linux on PlayStation 2.

Sony is going to release an official version of Linux to run on the PlayStation 2, but for now it is only compatible with Japanese versions of the console. Sony says that they made this change…

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Personally I think that the PsX2 is an overrated console that in reality doesn’t look appealing. I mean come on, how many Freakin’ Tekens are there?! :), in all seriousness though, I’d rather use the money and invest it into buying better hardware for my computer. Just my two-cents. “Cd freaks is my home” :wink:

what good does this do really? most people buy a ps2 for games and dvd. would they really exploit the power of linux? and besides, someone might figure out a way to bypass the hardware regional lock with some hacking and some coding. i’d laugh if that happened. too bad for sony if it does happen.