Sony - Tayio Yuden?

Popped in a Sony Disc, got these results, I thought all Sony were TY?

Disc Type = CDR (B-)
Manufacturer = SONY Corporation

<< Disc Information >>
Erasable = False
Status of Last Session/Border = Complete Session/Border
Disc Status = Complete Disc
Number of First Track/RZone on Disc = 1
Number of Sessions/Borders(LSB) = 1
First Track/RZone Number in Last Session/Border(LSB) = 1
Last Track/RZone Number in Last Session/Border(LSB) = 1
Disc Identification Valid(DID_V) = False
Disc Bar Code Valid(DBC_V) = False
Unrestricted Use Disc(DRU) = False
Disc Type = CD-DA or CD-ROM Disc
Disc Identification = 00000000h
Lead-in Start Time of Last Session = 255:255:255(FF:FF:FFh)
Last Possible Start Time for Startof Lead-out = 255:255:255(FF:FF:FFh)
Disc Bar Code = 0000000000000000h
Number of OPC Table Entries = 0

<< Track Information >>
Number of Complete Sessions on Disc = 1
Session 1 :
A0 = 0:0:0
A1 = 0:0:0
A2 = 0:0:0
Track Number 1
Track Start 0:2:0

That is incorrect. You’ll be extremely lucky to find ANY Sony CD-Rs made by Taiyo Yuden these days. The only ones I’ve seen are their Colour Mix and Design Mix range. The rest are made in Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Malaysia by various manufacturers using the Sony ATIP code and in my experience are of questionable quality. If you want Taiyo Yuden, the discs MUST be made in Japn, ALWAYS made in Japan.


Not sure where your location is, but here in the Atlanta area I found tons of Sony 10 packs of 4x DVD-R that are Taiyo Yuden (Made in Japan).