Sony taunts Chinese videogame pirates, PS2 without protection

I just posted the article Sony taunts Chinese videogame pirates, PS2 without protection.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us about Sony’s launch of the PlayStation 2 console in China. Apparently Sony is
to release its console without any method of copy protection…

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“Nintendo’s iQue, which plays N64 and SNES games and is due out in China in December, comes with a 64Mb flash card onto which games are downloaded. This apparently makes it incredibly difficult to pirate iQue software.” Am I missing something incredibly obvious? The iQue will come with a flashable 64 meg card and works by having people download games? Someone please tell me how this makes piracy difficult?

Am I missing something here? so what Sony are doing is releasing a console that does not need a “mod-chip” to play copied games? If so, can someone tell me how that little trick is gonna make the authorities clamp down on piracy? Cos I’m damn if I can work that one out!

I think sony must have given up on any hopes to prevent piracy in chaina, so they have decided not to put the copy protection in, as is they did, they would only help comanies that sell mod chips. Anyway, isn’t the release of the PS2 a little late in china? I am sure i have had mine for years :o:p

Yes, you are right. Look how many bacterias China has. The strategy is allowing more people to buy consoles and then everyone would want to buy a console since the games can be copied. Another way to profit!

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I belive he meant to say Factories. If Sony are making a profit on their hardware now then mass production in China should pay for the expected losses in games sales to piracy.

I think they have a cunning plan to sell games so cheap that they are no longer worth pirating until enough politicians are bribed to allow a price rise with a little help from new laws hey worked in Europe

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You are missing the point I believe. Nintendo are putting in their console to China. Sony dont have anything in China. This would leave Nintendo to dominate the Chinese market for consoles. Sony wanting some of this action says to themselves… “well how do we get the edge over Nintendo???” The answer is simple. Nintendo release something that is stated to be hard to copy with its protection. Sony release something with no copy protection. So if i lived in China, and I was going to buy a console, and I so happened to live in the country with the highest rate of copied games, what console would I buy??? Yup thats what I thought.

Well in any case I think it’s a great step ahead. It’s like governments trying to ban encryption because it makes it hard to get information from criminals. So governments ban all encryption. But now only those who break the law in the first place still use encryption because they didn’t care about the law in the first place. In other words, with modchips, PS2’s will be hacked anyway, and only the honest consumer is inconvenienced. This step will allow honest consumer make their rightfull backup copies, and the pirates will pirate anyway, so no difference there…

What the hell’s going on with the censorship on this site?

Can I have one of these ps2s shipped to the usa? :B

Way to go SONY! The naturally good consumer will appreciate the trust bestowed upon them and with their new found sense of trust and responsibility they will feel implored to honor their relation ship by only purchasing legitimate SONY merchandise. What a wonderful world this is :slight_smile: