Sony swears at Vizio

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A small company based in Southern California, Vizio, has agressively entered the market for both Plasma and LCD TVs. In the last months the company suprised many in North America and is known for its…

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“…Sony appeals to a consumer that looks for higher-quality products.” ROFLMAO!! :r

… while sony offsets higher production costs by moving manufacturing to china …

What is a ‘Sony’ ?

Guess average joe more attracted to cheap Visio HDTVs compared to Sony sets. You guys ever compare Sony vs Visio HDTV side by side? Or Pioneer vs Panny vs Samsung vs Sony? HDTV is not just 1080p. 1080p is not everything. There are some (if not many) 720p sets that outperform cheap 1080p. :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a difference b/t Vizio and high end sets but its hardly what Sony wants people to believe. Samsung and Toshiba are offering sets as good or better than Sony at a 20% price difference.

I have the consumer reports 2008 buying guide in my hand, I was curious and read the plasma and LCD sections…surprising to me these Vizio TVs are ranked 6th & 7th for 50" plasmas overall & 8th for “large” LCDs overall. I had never heard of them. They’re rated very good for picture quality. They may be cheap but they’re good…

Alrighty, let me get my few cents in here. I spend a LOT of TIME looking at HDTVs, I actually think I may even have a problem (call it an addiction) to always wanting the best TV. Infact in the last 4 years I belived I have gone through approximately 10 sets (various rooms as well). I usually sell one before it’s year old, take a hit and buy another new one with the latest tech. As you can imagine, I love looking and truly appreciate quality. I will add the fact that I have owned several Vizios in the process so I feel qualified to make this assesment, especially after spending hours ‘tweaking’ each set to get max performance. There is a HUGE differene between these two set by many attributes. I wouldn’t say they’re the lowest as there are others with much lower standards. Infact I would recommend a Vizio to someone a budget and starting off on their first HDTV. I’t a good compromise between quality and price. Much like cars, you’re not going to compare a Toyota with with a BMW or Mercedes. Toyota offers nice looking and very reliable vechicles, they truly hold their value. I believe that that Vizios are like Hondas, a touch under Toyotas but definitely no GEO or KIAs. That being said, I have Sharp Aquos 52" barely a yearly old and let me tell you, I love my sharp but compared to the latest Sony Bravia I am truly drooling. Anyone want to buy my Sharp? :g
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Where is the swearing???

People have got to be kidding if they don’t see a difference between the Vizios and the Sonys. The Sony XBR sets are amazing! They cost a lot more, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. That said, the Vizios are great TVs for the non-discerning consumers.

:X Hi, I recently purchased a vizio 47 inch lcd, from costco 1400 bucks its a 1080p set, It was so inexpesive that i had money left over to add a pioneer receiver from and some infinity speakers 7.1 channel, if you have the money to spend on a high end brand then doit but if you are on a budget and want very nice quality go for the vizio, I also think that technology changes so fast that today you buy a 5,000 dollar tv and in 2 years it will be an outdated hunk of junk. if you get a nice cheap tv in 2 years you can give it to your kids and buy yourself a new one and still be saving money. but like i said if you have cash to burn then by all means doit.

SONY = Shit On New York :slight_smile:

My 47" Vizio has worked well. I bought it from Costco before the return policy chagned. So when the 52" is at $1699 I will be taking mine back and getting the 52". Other than that, it performs well for me. I am thinking of also getting a 32 or larger for my bedroon as well.

I currently own a 32" Sony, a 42" Sharp Aquos, and a 42" Vizio. All are within two years old. I’m fanatical about TV’s, and for the price, the Vizio can more than hold its own against the Sony line. In fact, I challenge anyone to think the higher-priced Sharp has a better picture. Those who lust over the Sony line, in my opinion, do so not for the picture quality but they are drinking the juice that says Sony is so far superior to the competition. Nonsense! The Vizio is a solid buy at a much better price.

@ “In fact, I challenge anyone to think the higher-priced Sharp has a better picture” Not trying to be rude but if you read the previous comment its pretty clear that users SEE a difference. I don’t have time to get all technical but you CANNOT even begin to compare. Two very different classes and they all perform nicely within their class. I know some people need to feel that the money they spent on a Vizio is as if they bought a Rolls Royce but it’s simply is not the truth. Sorry to disappoint you.