Sony SVR-hd900 external drive read

I have a Sony SVR-hd900, I have replaced its drive with a 1 Terabyte SATA, how can I read the old 250 gig drive on a computer?, does Linux read it?.

Ta Alex

You will have to try and find out what format the unit is using. As the dvr formats the drive itself, its quite possible the it has a propriatary format that only the unit can read. I don’t see anything about what format it uses on sony’s site. If its a format that can be read in a computer, you should be able to just hook it up and read it (you don’t need to set the computer to read any particular format). Are you wanting to get video off it, or are you just wanting to be able to use the drive in a computer?

Hi, I was wanting to read video info from it, with a 1TB drive there is going to be a lot of stuff and a computer is the way to gon.


This is about another sony model but perhaps it might point you in the right direction.