Sony SunnComm and MediaMax DRM is this product a spyware?

I just posted the article Sony SunnComm and MediaMax DRM is this product a spyware?.

kabanero used our news submit to tell us that the Sony rootkit DRM is getting all the attention these days due to it’s hazardous potential. Even though Sony has stated that they…

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It certainly looks like spyware, by definition. I hope this one gets picked up on the way with the root-kit , and thrown out some Sony executive’s window. Otherwise, those class-action suits will become even bigger…

I just hope the industry will finally realise the decline in CD sales is not due to p2p sharing, which actually promotes their content, but because PC users- most of today’s youth dont feel like buying these GMOs (genetically modified organisms). And that’s what is being sold really when compared to Philips’s CD standard. All needed is a good anti corporate law which will encorage the fat cats bring prices on CDs down instead of transfering costs to consumers who altimately have to pay for their buggy protections. Cheers. FidelC
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Why isn’t Sony recalling all these defective/unethical discs???