Sony sues George Hotz, Fail0verflow over PS3 hacks



Sony sues George Hotz, Fail0verflow over PS3 hacks.

[newsimage][/newsimage]It took Sony a full week to respond to the news about hacking group FailOverflow’s discovery of the PS3 “root key”, which allows homebrew developers to sign their own applications. And though corporate representatives have been quiet regarding the situation with the exception of one short statement, Sony’s legal team has been hard at work, just as we suspected. 

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So is Sony trying to say that for 500 bucks, someone only “rents” the ps3 that they “bought” at a store?


Where’s the donate button?

I have no doubt that sony’s intention is to Cost these guys a fortune in legal costs to defend themselves against bogus charges, so that they are forced to agree to a cease & desist concerning any further development & distribution of any work regarding the PS3.

While the charges are bogus, legal costs are real.

Sony should be giving these guys job offers to develop/ test the PS4.


Actually, both George Hotz and they guys at Fail0verflow have stated that they are currently NOT taking donations, and have warned people to beware of scammers.

“WARNING: the people running YouTube’s and Facebook’s fail0verflow accounts are not us, they are scammers. We are NOT requesting donations,” reads the current message at

But, yes, Sony SHOULD be hiring these guys in order to use that talent to their benefit! Nothing good can come of this lawsuit.