Sony sues company behind MediaMax over dodgy DRM software

I just posted the article Sony sues company behind MediaMax over dodgy DRM software.

With how hard Sony BMG was hit over using dodgy copy protection on its music CDs, Sony BMG has now decided to sue The Amergence Group, formerly known as SunnComm International, claiming its CD…

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If I just LOL at this, am I wrong? Hopefully, this would encourage other companies to drop useless methods of copy protections and start focusing on improving music quality. $12 Million … lol… I wonder how much such a company spends on that crap. :r

Is this not the classic - deflect, re-group, “it’s not my fault!”. This $12m suit has the potential of just eliminating another vendor addressing Copy Protection - they eat their own. :B

Sony BMG passing the buck and apportioning blame to another “outside” company yet again. Why don’t they take responsibility for their OWN actions and stop using flawed and consumer unfriendly copy protection measures.

Mediamax seem to be in trouble on another front. Their system has fallen over and they are being abandoned by users for their lousy customer service. This has been posted by a disappointed customer. See: