Sony sues Apex for DVD patent infringement

I just posted the article Sony sues Apex for DVD patent infringement….

More DVD news today: on Yahoo we can read that Sony has filed a lawsuit against Apex Digital Inc. for infringements of DVD player patents.

They claim that Apex imports and sells cheap DVD…

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Seems today someone’s always suing somebody. :r

I think this is more of an assassination attempt on a company that defies Sony by making DVD players that will play CD-R, CD-RW, MP3, VCD, and SVCD. All my friends own Apex DVDs because Apex is more powerful. Sony wants all DVD players to be crippled from reading CD-R and MP3. Apex, not being a monopoly and not owning a movie studio or recording label, naturally sees these weak Sony players and says “We can do better than that and make a buck.” More power to them. Apex is what capitalism is SUPPOSED to be. Sony’s corporate dream is a new order of feudalism.