Sony sued over Blu-ray

Barely three months ago, Sony paid $97 million in damages and interest to Immersion in a dispute over the rumble functions in Sony’s Dual Shock controllers.


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Sony needs better lawyers.

I seem to remember some news a year or two ago about sony just hemorrhaging money from every bleeding wound there is…, I guess the ps3 wasn’t soo cool… they have certainly alienated their customers (anti web sites galore), hell I’ll say, I got raped by buying a sony camera (sony batteries, chargers, memory sticks), all licienced products… sony wont fail, they have riaa asets (extortion) to keep them going). They don’t have to even sell anything to survive, they just have to threaten to prosocute anyone that is too poor to fight…


yes Sony has made people mad mad mad I for one never buy anything with the name Sony on it.

Ooooh! I’m buying some original Sony playstation controllers (they don’t break as quickly as generics with chunky one-piece directional buttons) … to use on my Nintendo Wii … with the help of a few PS->Gamecube converters :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate those chunky gamecube controllers … yurck. WTF were nintendo thinking? :stuck_out_tongue: