Sony sued over alleged DVD defects - faces class action

I just posted the article Sony sued over alleged DVD defects - faces class action.

Sony is facing class action in a Californian courts as several of its customers had troubles with DVD players. The defects all showed up just a while after the warranty was voided and repair of the…

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Wow, sounds like the PS2 should be one of the players involved in this suit. That thing fails to read discs left and right.

I never had any problems w/ my PS2 and its first generation. I believe its the user, I seen how people treat their machine. I work for a video game store and I see these machines come in and Im like what da hell you manage to do that? :g

The PS2 should absolutely be involved in this suit with the shitload of problems it has had since it’s realese in Fall 2000. It’s hard to believe that their having problems with their DVD players too. I always thought Sony made very good quality electronic products. Maybe that is now starting to change.

“STARTING” to change? Sony has been turning to crap for a while now. Their portable stuff is horrid quality, their home surround sound systems have horrible sound quality (the highs suck and it’s boomy), the Sony Vaio computers are about as upgradable as a light bulb. And then all the crap with always wanting to come up with their own, non compatible format killed them too (Betamax, DDCD). Sony might as well be dead now.

The other reason they are (wrongly) regarded so highly is because of there stock policy. They only bring in about 2/3 of what is actually ordered. Hard to get must be popular, must be good. What a load of …

Most Sony stuff is crap, except for TV and video cameras.