Sony Sucks - Help with DVD-ROM drive

Hi all,
I figured this was something only you guys’ll be able to provide a solution to. PLEASE HELP!
I assembled an AMD Athlon based PC recently. The configuration is:
Motherboard: MSI KT3 Ultra ARU, Processor: AMD Athlon XP 1800+, 256 MB DDR PC2100 RAM, 40GB Seagate Barracuda(7200RPM), Sony FDD, MSI GeForce 2 MX200 32MB AGP Graphics Card, generic 56K internal modem, and a Sony 16x internal DVD ROM drive.
Well, my problem is with the Sony DDU1621 16x DVD ROM drive. I have the HDD as the Primary master and the DVD ROM drive as the secondary master. I got Intervideo’s Win DVD 2000 free with that and when I play DVD’s using that, the picture and sound get extrmemly jerky. Most of the time it starts fine but then invariably it gets extemely jerky - both sound and video. In an attempt to solve this, I uninstalled WinDVD and installed Cyber Links PowerDVD. But this gave a completely different problem. Whenever I try to play a DVD using Power DVD, the computer simply hangs, forcing me to restart or at times, it shows green lines on the top of the screen.
I’m in India right now, and that was the best system I could make. Please help . . . .
Thanking you in anticipaton,
Sony is the worst company in the history of man kind.

is the drive configurated as master (look at the rear of the drive)

did you enable DMA in windows?

did you install the latest ide drivers??

(sony is good for audio and video,but do not touch their computer stuff:) )

Couldn’t find what OS you are running…might be helpful to include that info

I have a Liteon LTD163D dvd and I had a very similar problem with Powerdvd and MSI dvd when I upgraded Nvidia drivers from 23.11 to 28.32. For some reason both programs would either freeze or run extemely slow with “hardware acceleration” enabled within these programs. Both run fine with it disabled.

I’m running Win98 on the system. I’ll try diabling Hardware Accelaration. What if it was already disabled? Any other solutions?

Very professional nickname , very professional attitude… i must deduct two points of your credit… so you’re on -2 for starters.

Now , on to the problem.

You can check if the throughput of the dvd drive is enough , by copying the entire contents of the dvd (the vob files) on your harddisk and try to play them with your favourite program. (Use file , open , etc options).

If this goes well , and no green or pink color problems , then it’s a problem of your dvd drive indeed. Setting on DMA can be helpful and check the manual if there is some jumper on the back , that might disable or enable features on the dvd player (however , i doubt that last one).

Also update your chipset driver programs , check if full acceleration is on in windows 98 hardware profile , and check if the cdrom drive speed is on maximum (taking a meg of ram of your system)

if not… it’s a problem with your videocard , and the codecs. First try to update your windows media player to the maximum level. AFTER that try downloading the Nimo codec pack (just google) and install it. (This way you keep the mp3 and divx codecs).

Now try again with a freeware dvd player software… and see if it works.

well dude try an aspi layer.aspi stands for advance scusi programming helps the computer relate to the ide device can get it from
let me know if this helped

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