Sony Strikes again with new copy protection

My wife had purchased this movie for me called, “Attack Force” another one of my favorite action movie actors Steven Seagal is starring in it, well I use all updated ripping software and yet this one has me puzzled? It seems RIPIT4ME even has trouble backing up this DVD, Usually what DVDFAB will not backup Ripit4Me will!. Unfortunatly Attack Force has a new copy protection to keep the hackers on there toes. Has anyone had any luck with backing this title up? please don’t link me to BUY this new copy software program since they seem to take to long with there updates before one can make backups! only FREEWARE! I’m not into wasting money like some. I know that DVDFAB and Ripit4Me will have updates for these issues before bought software will so don’t waste mine and your time.

dlbeaver :confused:

OH! before you all go out and get this movie, don’t waste your time the movie is not all that great. Considering this is Steven Seagal it has to be one of his worst movie’s ever! I mean audio dubbing off, major sound issues, and bad taste of acting and lack of violence like most of his movies are known for. No real explosive scenes! So I have to warn you all to save your money on this low budget 1 star movie. But since I collect all of his movies I archive them all good or bad. So unless your a collector of this actors flicks save your money.

As new things come out, it may take a bit to update the apps.

Like you indicated, I think DVDFab Decrypter and/or RipIt4Me will have a good chance of handling that title in the very near future. They are both updated fairly frequently.

Great thing about Freeware is it doesn’t cost you anything to wait a bit.

Sorry the movie sucked, but Segal hasn’t had more than 1 or 2 good flicks, and dude still can’t act. I wonder why Sony would try to protect the movie at all… :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit - checked the ArccOS protection site, it isn’t listed there. Is it an entirely new type?

I’ll check into it just for kicks.

UPDATE - Here is a thread I found that may help. I’ll keep checking Google.

DvdFab Decryper can rip this movie (Region 1) in the [B]movie only [/B] mode.

One might suspect that the studio is using this movie to test a new protection, as i suspect this dvd is not going to be a big seller.

Good to know that DVDFab Decrypter can do it. What a great little ripper…

Thanks for letting us know.

This is the reason why I do not buy any equipment that says sony. They want to make every dollar they can. If people did not buy there play station three they would understand that people were upset with there attitude.

I feel that way about Microsoft, but I kinda am forced to use Windows cause it’s so dominant, but I prefer not to use anything else from them if I can help it. Except for a few games, I guess.

The copy protection that actually works for me is Steven Seagal as the actor.


Yes I also do not use anything else from microsoft because they try to control your computer

ROFL - nice…

Realistically, Windows is just one of those things I use. All my core apps run on it, the people I interact with and support use Windows, my machines are designed around Windows, etc. On that one single thing, I just flat out cave and realize that in a world the way it is, I just have to suck it up and deal. Windows is here, it dominates, and I don’t really want to fight the good fight at the expense of getting things done. It is the foundation for the work I do.

That said, there are a ton of great apps for this platform that are NOT made by Microsoft. Yeah, maybe if people I interact with use MS Office and there is no other way I can deal with those files, then I guess I’d have to use MS Office on a project by project basis. But I’m hoping that Open Office keeps working on being able to open and save in that format so I can use it instead of MS Office. The better they handle the MS formats, the easier it is to avoid having to use MS Office.

I avoid using Microsoft extensions for web stuff. I avoid using Microsoft data stuff if I can - Access - ARGH! I just don’t need to go down that road. the .NET programming? Not if I can help it.

Boy, I just wish they would have been broken up into at least two companies - one for the Operating System and one for Productivity Apps.

From the RipIt4Me website:
[B]6 December: We’re working on Attack Force and we should have a release for this one soon.[/B]

Holy Crud! These guys are AWESOME!!!

I’m glad I was told that DVDFab Decrypter can back it up in “Main Movie” mode, and now may other fave freebie is gonna be able to handle it!

Free software can be so freakin’ cool! How come they can fix things so fast but retail companies seem to take so much longer?

Silly world…

The latest DVDFab Decrypter beta does the full disc.
PowerDVD froze on this rip. Processing through FixVTS now.
Edit: Well that didn’t work. Running it through the latest beta of VobBlanker.

Forget it! It doesn’t work. Nice try guys!