Sony str-db1080 surround sound



I have a sony str-db1080 surround sound receiver, i’ve got my ps3 and sky hd connected to it with optical leads .The problem is when watching film on sky or ps3 its ok 4 about 10 mins then a buzzing sound comes out of the speakers, like interference !i have moved all the plugs away from the amp , can any 1 help please its driving me mad :frowning:


That doesn’t sound right to me.

There may be something wrong with the receiver as the problem only occurs when it warms up.

On a different note though you’d be better connecting the PS3 via HDMI and doing away with the optical lead.

HDMI sends both audio and video so you’ve no need for the optical connection.

The only reason you need the optical cable for the SkyHD box is that Sky have disabled audio over HDMI. There’s speculation that they’ll re-enable that in the future firmware update though.