Sony stops Key2audio



Sony has decided to stop Key2audio, including XS. There were too many compatibility issues.

Article in french :


Thats bad news! :bigsmile: What will they bring us next???(by the way the link didn´t work for me)/gs


Strange, the link works for me (13.05.2003 15.06 cet).


Thank you for the news Ludwig, I will post it shortly on our newspage!


The links works fine here as well


Dear Ludwig van moza!, ofcourse the link works.I must have done some serious fault when typo :confused: SORRY!(or could it be that Sony employees were all reading it so…?)To bad my french is as bad as my Key2goodbye discs./gs.


It can’t be worse than the babelfish translation. Too bad Domi doesn’t speak French :stuck_out_tongue:

What I dislike most is that the article says that EMI is going to continue to sell their crappy un-cds! Argh :frowning:


<sarcastically>What unfortunate news to hear. I guess Sony realized how easily Key2audio can be defeated with the right hardware.


Yeah, and it took them not more than 2 years!


Hi,here you can read about the patents of “the patent license agreement for the Manufacture of Non-Standard Multi-Sessions CD-Audio Discs”,grant number 5930209,pheu and here you can read the entire us patent document.It´s very interesting!/gs.


a really nice day

but we all know: something will follow that crappy protection

by the way

da polska