Sony still committed to UMD movies - Talks with movie studios

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 When Sony  first launched the Universal Media Disc format for movies just over a year ago  to allow Playstation Portable owners to play movies on their handheld, the format seemed ...
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I know the Hollywood Video around here was renting UMD movies out, they aren’t anymore though.

Nope, No one in there right minds would buy these stripped down mini movie discs for $17, You might as well get the dvd for that prices and get all the extras… For the format to succeed, prices for the movies would have to drop big time…

I know the Hastings stores used to rent them. Don’t know if they still do or not. (I don’t own a PSP, and if I did, I wouldn’t buy movies for it…unless they were cheap. I’m talking $9.99 and under.)

sony might “still committed to umd” now, but that can change anytime based on their history of supporting customers umd has too many problems. it is very slow, expensive, not well protected (cartridge has a big open slit), and closed unless sony improved their optical drive’s reliability dramatically, psp’s umd drive would die much sooner than you might expect. there are so many sony ps/ps2, dvd players, cd writers died prematurely btw, i heard there is a psp game that needs more than 6min to load a level…believe it or not