Sony starts 25GB Blu-ray movie lines; 50GB discs due in fall

I just posted the article Sony starts 25GB Blu-ray movie lines; 50GB discs due in fall.

officially announced last week, their capability to produce
750,000 single-layer BD discs a month upon three Blu-ray replication lines
in the U.S. This is just prior…

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HEHE, I guess sony is worried that HD-DVD will catch on before Blu-Ray discs come out. They better hurry up then, Not that I care. Questions we are all worried about: What is price on the discs ? Price on the burners ? Most of all, QUALITY thanks. We all know how DVD when that came out, expencive, bad quality media and so on.

burner is $1000, BD discs will be a lot more expensive (in a $/gigabyte comparison) than dual-layer DVD discs which are overpriced as well. i’ve followed the DVD writers’ rise to fame since the first Pioneer, and from what i know they started being reliable by 3rd of 4th generation, so we’ll probably have to wait 2 years before gettin the new writers. 25gigs is good to backup stuff, but as one friend said: “what do you do if you accidentally ruin/break a BD or HDDVD disc? you’ll lose 25 gigs of data” … it’s got me thinkin’.

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with the rise of xbox 360 being hacked dual layer dvd’s might drop real soon. Also bd discs are 30 bucks each. Also what would you do if you lost even 4.7gig of data when dvd’s first came out and cost 20-30 bucks a pop? No matter how big or small losing data sucks. To put 25gig of pictures/videos of family and friends on a new format is not a very smart thing to do.

Good points made here :slight_smile: I agree with you all. I am not putting my photos and other verry important stuff on new media, I go for slow writing on high quality CD-R media. That should be safe for 5 years before you reburn the disc. But I don’t have any important photos. I still use a old analog camera and develop film. My photos are to important to be distroyed by some stupid technology crap.

Nah, you won’t see me with either HDDVD or BR after seeing a demo model of HDDVD at Bestbuy. The only thing that I saw different in a comparison was HDDVD looked slightly, and I mean slightly, clearer than a regular upscale dvd. Even the saleperson confessed this fact. Not inlcuding that to watch 1080p you have to have a gargantuan tv to begin with. I’ll pass on both thankyou very much!