Sony splits its TV business into three divisions



Sony splits its TV business into three divisions.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Sony is just not having a good year. The company is reportedly preparing to post yet another loss from their TV division. In response Sony Corp. announced on Monday that it would split the TV division into three parts. The goal is to make operations more accountable with the hope that it can turn things around.

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Here’s a thought… lol Sony TVs are some of the most expensive out there, but you can find cheaper TV that perform many if not most (or even all) of the same functions, and have the same or even better quality that the Sony name provides… How about charging more for the product instead of the Sony brand name? I stopped buying most things Sony, personally, because I was tired of paying a higher charge just because it was Sony - I find a comparable item for a sharply lower cost and I really haven’t had any problems worthy of mention. Lower your prices, Sony, and I bet your profits would increase. Again, just a thought. :wink:


Lots of the Sony mojo went to Apple… a company world headquartered in the USA…
Maybe when people stop paying 30%+ more for products they could find comparables to… this branding premium will die out…

Just dividing the company into 3 will do nothing for sales if they can’t make MORE competitive products. QC has not been a strong point for Sony since 1999. They lost focus on what products are important to the consumer, trail many trends in not only electronics but in their somewhat significant entertainment (media) biz as well.
Most of the major blockbuster movies for the past several years have NOT been associated wtih the SONY name.


overpriced poor quality products means poor sales