Sony speaks: PS3 hackers will be permanently banned from PSN

Sony speaks: PS3 hackers will be permanently banned from PSN.

[newsimage][/newsimage]What started with a hacker from NJ barely old enough to purchase alcohol busting the most high-tech gaming console on the market wide open led to an aggressive legal counter by Sony. In that short time frame TROs have been approved, expedited discovery requests asking social networking sites to provide personal client information have been denied and somehow, someway a rap video was produced. Though it doesn't quite match that spectacle, Sony made an official statement today regarding the use of hacked or pirated software on its PlayStation 3, and what it means for "unlawful" users.

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Someone needs to create an online network that will allow PS3 & XBOX360 owners to play online against each other (reguardless of system type)
These consoles cost $300 to $400 each and that makes them private property!!!and yet the company that sold them still wants to control what you do with your property.


… free PS3 games & PSN banning … or … PSN network / Qriocity music network …
If I was a pirate … I’d go CFW :wink:

Quite frankly, given the garbage that eventually trickles onto Sony’s Aussie PlayStation Network, I haven’t used the PSN for over 1 year, and the pi$$ poor service you get for Sony products … I’m never buying another sony product again.

Honestly, for Aussies, the loss of the PSN would be no big deal. Heck, if Sony banned every CFW user from ever buying/using ANY Sony product again, it’d be no big deal.

And I hear Europe’s PSN network & service isn’t much better.

I don’t understand the need to split the PSN network up anyway … apart from milking extra cash out of certain segments … honestly?

I’m not sure how such a great company has fallen so far in just a few years. Sony products used to be on top of the game, and top-notch quality, even if they were the most expensive … but now they’re mediocre, playing catch-up with every other company, churning out low-quality, under-featured garbage products produced in third-world conditions while charging a high premium for the Sony brand-name, all while the company flounders financially.

The Current Sony Management needs to be sacked, Sony’s new management team needs to issue a public apology for the poor service and stupid decisions they’ve made in the last few years, and then focus on customer satisfaction as a priority.

Sony does it because they can. My lil sisters hubby bought a new Sony LCD TV with the edgelit LED backlight mainly because he’s convinced Sony makes the best TV’s. I tried to tell him if he wants a LED lit LCD TV he should get a local dimming one and right now LG and a few others make much better looking sets then Sony for less money and they have more features and are more advanced too. He wouldn’t hear of it and paid about 1600 for a middle of the road Sony because of his mindset.
They have a lot of consumers convinced they still make great stuff and will bluff their way till either the cheap crap they have starts sitting or they actually com out with something advanced and groundbreaking again like they used to on occasion.
I will buy a product if it’s truly a great bang for buck for what you get, I don’t care who makes it, but I agree MOST of their gear is mediocre at best now.
I do have a excellent HD radio that they make and would recommend it to anyone but their TV lineup except for maybe one top line unit are pretty poor and I don’t like their corporate mindset either so I doubt I’ll ever buy a PS3.